Maegan Costanzo

Drug and Alcohol Therapist

Maegan possesses considerable expertise in working with adults and integrates her proficiency in music therapy into her practice.

About Maegan Costanzo


Maegan received her Bachelor's and Master's in Music Therapy from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. She completed internships with children in an inclusion-based pre-school setting, with older adults in a residential facility, and with adults with mental health diagnoses and co-occurring substance use disorders in a state psychiatric hospital. Maegan also designed and conducted a clinical research study involving the use of music therapy to decrease anxiety in college students.


Maegan comes to us with years of experience running groups and individual sessions in an inpatient psychiatric hospital with clients who have mental health diagnoses and co-occurring substance use disorders. She is not only a Board-Certified Music Therapist but certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy as well. She is working toward obtaining her LPC and CAADC.

What they do for Rosewood

Maegan works as a drug and alcohol therapist, providing both group and individual services to clients with substance use disorders and co-occurring conditions. She brings a unique clinical background to Rosewood as a music therapist, often using live or recorded music to achieve therapeutic goals. Her training in DBT also allows her to provide concrete techniques and coping skills designed to help clients manage emotions, improve relationships, and cope with life's challenges. Maegan's training is rooted in client-centered and trauma-informed care and aims to work with each client as an individual, wherever they are on their recovery journey.


Outside of her professional life, Maegan enjoys reading books of any kind, especially fantasy series. She loves to spend time outdoors either gardening, reading, or playing with her dog. Maegan enjoys aerial yoga, lifting weights, and going for walks with her pup to reduce stress and promote overall wellbeing.

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